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Welcome to the US' number one resource for all things BAKING BUSINESS. Business Owners from the baking and food industry come here to learn how to start a business, stay in business, and MAKE MONEY! We provide baking & decorating tips, info on finances, tech, leadership and all aspects of running a business!

Freshly Baked Content Coming Your Way ASAP

Freshly Baked Content Coming Your Way ASAP

Building the ULTIMATE baking resource library is hard work. And our team is working harder than a buttercream frosting at a summer BBQ to bring this website to life.

While we’re preheating the oven, we’ve got some treats you can indulge in! Check out our most popular blog posts, where we spill the beans on expert baking techniques, business secrets, and cake decor tips from the BIGGEST names in the baking industry. 

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